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Why Real Estate Wholesalers Make the Most Money

Written by: Rob Swanson

You’ve heard of the 80-20 rule right?  It basically says that 20 percent of all of the wholesalers in the world make about 80 percent of the money.

The question is this:  What are the successful real estate wholesalers doing that you are not?

Let’s start by looking at two real estate wholesalers in your local area who are making 80 percent of the money in wholesale real estate.  And, let’s ask the question:  How are they doing it? 

It’s simple. 

They simply overcome the mistakes and the obstacles that most wholesalers never press through. They have simplified their business and made it easier to get paid. 

In short, the two successful real estate wholesalers did the work necessary to create success. It may seem overwhelming but it’s not.  It just takes some time and some effort, and the reward is huge. Successful real estate wholesalers make things happen and so can you.

My question to you then is this:  Are you willing to make the important changes you need in your business, your education, your priorities and yourself to make it as a real estate wholesaler? 

The choice is yours.

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